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Knockdown Rebuilds

Knockdown Rebuilds | Austec Homes

Do You love the street you currently live in? Are your children happy with their friends and the school they attend? Your needs have changed and the family house does not suit your needs but you don’t want to move. Then maybe a knockdown Rebuild is what you are looking for.

Austec Homes Statewide understands the hard decisions Sydney families and home owners have to make when deciding to knockdown and rebuild.

Austec Homes Statewide believe home owners have three options.

  • Knockdown rebuild
  • Renovate the existing home
  • Sell the existing home and move

Knockdown and Rebuild

Austec Homes Statewide can recommend suitable our modern home designs to suit the owners land. Austec Homes Statewide will take into consideration such matters as sloping blocks, size and scale of the land when looked at in relation to neighbouring homes, council issues, height, stormwater, BASIX and any heritage or conservation issues. Heritage and conservation controls are very important when considering knockdown rebuild in the older suburbs of Sydney Australia.

To find out more on knockdown and rebuilds, contact Austec Homes on 1300 881 683

Traditional design for today's living
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